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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Confessions Of a Collector -2013

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Since I have become a Twitter convert, I have persisted in my old habits of collecting. I gather and keep stuff over time.  I confess that  Twitter has become one of my favorite applications. I like it because it makes it very easy to scan the news, follow links to further info, and keep up with the lives of interesting people.
The organizing platform I use for Twitter is an excellent, powerful application called HootSuite. It automatically sorts the posts of those I follow into separate groups as well as separate category pages.
Having written 2680 tweets (140 character posts) so far, I confess that I am probably addicted. Tweets/updates include "re-tweets," and my own Twitter messages. 
On Twitter, I have 357 followers (people who read my tweets); I follow 550 people myself.  My "Favorites" Twitter feed incudes others' tweets I want to keep for reference or merely for rereading pleasure.

"My Twitter Lists" are available feeds for you to try out:
Below is a list of my previous posts in this "Confessions" series:
  • My computer is the perfect place to digitally collect STUFFConfessions of a Collector - Part 1,373 - 5/18/10 - To quote from my post: "I physically collect stuff: because I might need or want it some day. The bottom line is this. I don't NEED any of it. But I may WANT it. There is a big difference."
  • Examining my reasons for collecting - More Confessions of a Collector 4/25/08
    "I confess that, like most of us who are addicted to blogging, we don't need much of an excuse to celebrate. I also confess that I collect a lot of stuff to use for writing my posts. Today's post is a reprise ofthat theme.
  • Familiar TV away from home - Confessions of a C-Span Junkie - 5/3/07 - To quote: "All of you who are "clean and sober" would say to me, "for heaven's sake, get a life." But those of you who are also political or C-SPAN junkies can identify with my symptoms."
  • Handy-dandy blogging shared stuff - Collecting: new stuff - 9/8/06 was a post that focused on my favorite blogging sites, tools, new discoveries, etc. Many of these came to me as a result of another blogger's thoughtfulness.
  • True confessions - Confessions of a Collector - 2/17/06. In it I explored the motivations behind the collecting bug, as well as the "why" (for me) of some of my own favorite collected headlines. 
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