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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Confessions of a C-SPAN junkie

Withdrawal from current events has been particularly difficult this trip. My family of origin are not newspaper subscribers. And a couple of my siblings have boycotted TV news programs that are of a political nature. And one does not just grab the remote when a guest, even if "it is family."
Today the remote is mine to do with as I please for a time, as I am now house-sitting for a few days. As this knowledge of empowerment washed over me this morning, I realized I had been in withdrawal from political punditry, Sunday talk, and particularly from C-SPAN's coverage of the House and Senate. As the votes of Senators were counted, name by name, I was happy to be back in the company of old friends. Even if they are overly dramatic or partisan at times, these men and women are familiar to me, and - in a strange way - "grounding" while I am away from home.
All of you who are "clean and sober" would say to me, "for heaven's sake, get a life." But those of you who are also political or C-SPAN junkies can identify with my symptoms. I have thoughts such as -
  • What if something big happens and I don't find out about it?
  • What new scandal has come to light; who is next to be revealed as a scoundrel?
  • How are the Democrats holding out in turning the ship of state around from the war in Iraq?
  • What happened when our current president invited congressional leaders to hear his fixed position on the supplemental budget?
It will take a while for me to get into recovery. But now that I have the remote, I am feeling better as my head clears and news flows in.
My reactions to what I learn follow soon.
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