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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sundays on the road

What do people do when traveling on Sundays?
We see the best family-owned cafes and eating joints crowded with breakfasting locals having homemade biscuits and gravy with link sausages, accompanied by a never-empty cup of Farmers Bros. coffee out of a much-toted caraffe. We see the mini-traffic jams caused by families leaving churches or other places of worship or fellowship.
We go from familiar places to places where it is easier to get lost, or nearly lost. We get out the much folded maps to find our way again. We look for fuel in little places where almost all the stations are closed. We avoid those restrooms.
We arrive at the destination where the family has gathered in anticipation of seeing us again "after all this time." They gathered because it is easier on Sunday and because that is what families do. We eat homemade lasagne and brownies because that's what the sisters do best and what we have learned to expect. They wouldn't want to disappoint us.
And we're not on the road anymore. We're at our home away from home. Until we make the return trip. We hope to arrive there on a Sunday, just because it's a nice day to travel to a good destination.

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