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Friday, April 20, 2007

Big Winds

Big winds and green prairies have greeted us as we drove towards the north. The season is behind the southwest and snow remains in the "hollows" of the hills and mountains.
Mountains were just made for snow. The Rockies are magnificent young things, just waiting to be crowned with white drifts. When the big winds blew snow fogged off the peaks, making artificial clouds.
Big winds meant 50 mph. regular- 65mph. gusts. Nothing is small here. No bree3zes for this brash young state. Big dry crackly tumble weeds rolled across the Interstate, scraping the side doors as the escaped from our wheels. A truck trailer turned over; its cab had already been dragged away when we came upon the carcasse of the trailer.
I am now among family. I've had hugs, fried chicken and scrambled eggs. Sturdy stuff from sturdy folks.
My month has begun, but I shall return from time to time with the next chapter.
The Bush administration will just have to get along without me.

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betmo said...

have a good time and soak up the love! and fried chicken- mmmmm!