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Friday, April 13, 2007

Post Count = 121

Friday is my regular day to focus on the Bush Administration. As a matter of fact, since starting this blog I have done 121 such pieces. Unfortunately this presidency has been one of the obsessions plaguing no telling how many of us who call ourselves progressive bloggers. We let our peace of mind be disturbed too often by the latest about George W. Bush.
What on earth was I thinking?! The day after I launched this blog I started writing about President George W. Bush - aka "our current president"- "OCP," for short. This is a portion of that first South by Southwest post, titled, "Frustration Galore" (3/30/05), from which I quote:

. . . Learning to live with the frustrations of being "Blue" in a very "Red" state has been an on-going personal challenge since the beginning of this century. One of the many lessons I am trying to learn is how to be in a Minority, though I am one of the Majority, ethnically. A blogger gave a handy hint: Calling G. W. Bush "the current President" helps reinforce that he is temporary. And sometimes I call him "Shrub." But the days of administration arrogance and ineptitude go by slowly for me and my Progressive Other.
Has my thinking changed today? Since the Democrats took over Congress last fall, I do now feel nearly as powerless as I did two years ago. I feel that I am a bigger "Blue" in a Red state, though I still feel under- represented by my own U.S. Representative and Senators.
Today I also feel a twinge of guilt about being in the U.S. ethnic Majority, given the current controversies about gender and race highlighted by the Don Imus flap. At times like these, if I am honest with myself, I must examine my thoughts for any vestiges of unconscious racist attitudes toward minorities. Being a member of the political minority has been a humbling experience for me.
What has not changed at all in two years is my characterization of "the current" president, or as I modified it, OCP. I cannot bring myself to call him "Shrub," as my dear Molly Ivins did, except in private to my roommate. OCP is still temporary; I cannot wait until 2009. And I can quote my concluding 2005 sentence exactly, "But the days of administration arrogance and ineptitude go by slowly for me and my Progressive Other." The only thing that has changed in it is the designation of my roommate: He is now known as "Seven of Eight," my guest blogger, rather than "Progressive Other."

My “creativity and dreaming” post today at Good Second Mondays is about testing one's assumptions.

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