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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Frustration galore

Lost all this for a time but now I am back in the Blog World. I hate it when I feel blocked by the technology that I am trying to learn how to use. If I think about it, however, my own ingorance may be the Block-to-Blogging. So I will persist, prevail, and percolate. I will keep my paddle in the water, to drag up another old cliche.
Learning to live with the frustrations of being "Blue" in a very "Red" state has been an on-going personal challenge since the beginning of this century. One of the many lessons I am trying to learn is how to be in a Minority, though I am one of the Majority, ethnically. A blogger gave a handy hint: Calling G. W. Bush "the current President" helps reinforce that he is temporary. And sometimes I call him "Shrub." But the days of administration arrogance and ineptitude go by slowly for me and my Progressive Other.

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