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Sunday, April 01, 2007

We must have hope

(This post is by my roommate and guest blogger, "Seven of Eight")

It is my belief the majority of our elected officials in Washington are honest people with good intentions.
Looking back over the past few years, however, it would appear the margin is very thin.
There have always been, in every administration, officials who fail to be honest, feel that any means justifies the end result, and in some ways are simply stupid.
What is very troubling to me, currently, is the number of experienced staff, members of congress, senators, etc., who feel they are obligated to spin, cover up, deny, whatever it takes.
A lie becomes, he or she "misspoke." A poor plan, no plan or a deceitful action turns into "mistakes were made."
Those taking this approach feel "that should pretty well cover it" for us dummies out here. For citizens to say we want truthfulness and accountability appears to be unreasonable to them.
We must continue to hope that honest, caring people in both political parties work for the common good. I am convinced there are still a few there in Washington.


betmo said...

let us not forget the 'i do not recall' or 'i plead the fifth' lines either. there has always been loyalty among the staff for the executive- and the other branches. when you get a couple of bad seed in the white house- or capital hill- it can taint the whole bunch- and i think that that is what we are seeing. i think that it takes a certain type of person to run for office- and the unfortunate part is- they usually aren't the kind of people you want in office. the driven, ambitious type- the ceo type. that's what we have.

Carol Gee said...

(reply from "7 of 8")
betmo - thanks for your comments, you are absolutely correct. Although I seldom post anything, I do read yours and always find them of great interest.