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Saturday, January 21, 2006

More internet tools I love

Because this is a such a fun world, on Oct. 7, 2005 I wrote a post called, "Tools I love." The Internet grew because people were generous with information--good information. And technology changes very fast.
I said then that,
The criteria for what I like in computer stuff includes these characteristics: The tools are handy and help me organize. Instructions are clearly written. The authors valued simplicity of form, but complexity of capacity. The company has a good reputation and history of reliable service.
My Blogs: South by Southwest is my primary blog, mostly political and "serious." Feeling the need to be more visual and literate, I have a new blog hosted by Bloglegion called Southwest Blogger. I link back and forth between the web pages.
Good tools: In addition to Bloglines I use another aggregator called newsgator that has some features I like such as a good set of folders, ratings, and save-to-clippings.
Little tools:
  • I am adding Technorati tags at the end of each post.
  • Because Pingomatic does not always work, I have added Pingoat as my pinging tool.
  • I use "sticky notes for my desktop from Sticker Lite.
  • I have discovered another neat little program called Sideblog, that adds a short independent section for quick entries along the side of my S/SW blog (i.e. the Creative Commons nomenclature and the My Sites annotated list).
  • Rather than a plain list of links via the template, I have added Blogrolling's list.
  • At the bottom I have the tags from my To add any links to documents in, I save from My Documents into MyYahoo! Briefcase, and then post them into the favorites. I also use the Bundles feature for grouping tags.
Things I dropped: Since that post include, I removing the Yahoo !Companion toolbar and the Google toolbar and desktop search, because it really slowed my computer down. I also disabled the XP indexing for more speed. Speed vs. tools is always the question for me, one with which I constantly struggle.
Tags: My "creative" post today at Southwest Blogger is about Jackie and the Kennedy family.

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