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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogging-commentary and opinions

Blogworld? What's up?
The "Cat's Eye Nebula," a world so far away in space, is the image I chose for today's post. Because . . .
It's not what it seems - a cat's red eye, or a rose. "Nebula=Cat's Eye=Rose" is a perfectly good idea for what blog commentary is like for me and for many of my favorite bloggers. Reflections and impressions are the best we can come up with to describe our confused world views.
It doesn't make sense - bloggers are like that. We use blog/diary or commentary to make sense of current events. It is often a world that "bugs" us, one that seems too big at times, with unimaginable suffering, even insane. What is the purpose of it all?
We'll agree or disagree - today's thoughts are mine; my opinion is no more or less valuable than yours. Very often I have questions or do not have a clue. And very often we are poles apart on the opinion spectrum. But . . .
Credit's due - and when your idea or opinion informs me or if it influences me, I will try to remember to give you credit. When it delights me I will notice it, and say thanks.
In the end - There are so many things I like about the bloggosphere:

My "creative" post today at Southwest Blogger is about myths and dreams in the U.S. and Iraq.

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