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Monday, November 14, 2011

Rick Perry Roundup

Every day I receive a number of news feeds.  I save them in Gmail and often do a search of these newslteers to see what dominated the news opinion about a certain subject.  Today's theme is Governor Rick Perry, Republican of Texas.
Having lived in the state all of my adult life, I watched its evolution from a Democratic to a Republican dominated state.  And it has been painful because I am a progressive Democrat.  And my Republican governor has decided to run for POTUS.  Here are a few items to help you understand why I am embarrassed by his attempt. 
The loner from the Lone Star state - I have taken this paragraph from CQ Homeland Security Behind the Lines for Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 — 3 P.M. By David C. Morrison, Special to Congressional Quarterly.  To quote:
“If the White House is out,” besieged GOP wannabe prez Herman Cain has “a future in airport security,” National Journal’s Theresa Poulson headlines — while Indybay’s Juan Batista alleges that also-running Rick Perry once “sought the support of the Republic of Texas militia, which has a long history of terrorism,” and Calvin Woodward’s Associated Press issues round-up hears the Texas gov terming it “unprincipled” for Republicans to have voted to create DHS. In Wednesday’s debate, meantime, libertarian long shot Ron Paul invoked DHS, natch, as the epitome of overweening federal incompetence, Time Magazine’s Michael Sherer summarizes.
The speedy spin - This is by David Hawkings at Congressional Quarterly  [Nov. 10, 2011]
MAKING THE BEST OF IT: Rick Perry’s campaign quickly found a way to spin his epic “oops” from last night’s debate. This morning the Texas governor’s supporters were greeted by a fundraising e-mail that played up the incident as a “human moment” and announced the creation of an email address — — where people can send suggestions about which federal agencies should be eliminated.
Perry himself did multiple TV interviews this morning, noting that the third agency he’d eliminate — in addition to the departments of Commerce and Education — indeed would be the Energy Department. (He’s been on the record about the three-department hit list in the past, but couldn’t recall Energy last night.) And what about ending his campaign? “This ain’t a day for quitting nothing,” he told the Associated Press this morning.
In the end, Perry’s forgetfulness squares well with his well-noted disdain for Washington, D.C. And Washington doesn’t have much to offer in return. He hasn’t pursued congressional endorsements with much vigor, and the federal workforce is an unlikely base of support for a candidate who makes no bones about his desire to shrink the government drastically.
It has gone from bad to worse -  This is from David Hawkings at Congressional Quarterly [Nov. 8, 2011]  To quote:
. . . polls out today . . .  An NBC/Wall Street Journal survey found . . . the Rick Perry candidacy slides toward the abyss. He has only 10 percent support now, a drop of 6 points in a month — to fourth place behind Newt Gingrich, who’s up to 13 percent.

My senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison Stands by Criticism of Perry  The story is by Melanie Starkey [from Roll Call Politics, Nov. 7, 2011]

Retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison refused Sunday to soften any of the criticisms she leveled at Texas Gov. Rick Perry when she challenged him in last year’s GOP gubernatorial primary. Full Story
"Read my book" urged the governor at the beginning of his run.  Read a review of Rick Perry's "Fed Up.", from[Oct. 17, 2011]
In conclusion, we know our governor will return before long, a bit chastened, I fear.  But I predict he will glad to be home, glad to be out of the blinding glare of national Republican politics.

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