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Monday, November 14, 2011

Reich knows my thoughts:

Since it is less than a year until the U.S. presidential election is held, we are getting more and more into campaign mode.  I do not have to think about for whom I will vote; it will be the incumbant.  But my trip to the polling place will be less enthusiastic than the first time I voted for Senator Barack Obama.  I was not sure why this is the case, but a blog post by Robert Reich gave me the reasons.  To quote (emphasis mine),
Robert Reich (Why We May Be In Store for a Passionless Presidential Race) [Nov. 11, 2011]  To quote:
President Obama will be supported by progressives and the Democratic base, but without enthusiasm. His notorious caves to Republicans and Wall Street — failing to put conditions on the Street’s bailout (such as demanding the Street help stranded home owners), or to resurrect Glass-Steagall, or include a public option in health care, or assert his constitutional responsibility to raise the debt limit, or protect Medicare and Social Security, or push for cap-and-trade, or close Guantanamo, or, in general, confront the regressive Republican nay-sayers and do-nothings with toughness rather than begin negotiations by giving them much of what they want — are not the stuff that stirs a passionate following.
In conclusion, I add a few other Presidential complaints not mentioned by Mr. Reich.  I am disappointed by his failure to roll back the assaults on the Fourth Amendment in the name of national security and by the President's remaining in Afghanistan far too long.   However, I still like the President enormously and think he is doing a great job with foreign policy.

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