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Thursday, July 21, 2011

This and that from the recent past:

From my regular contributor, Jon:
Just Amazing!
NY-born twin friars die on same day at age 92 - Yahoo! News (6/5/11).
Study: Man's Best Friend Is Also a Mind Reader - Yahoo! News (6/13/11).
Speaking of Excess . . .
What Does a $500 Million Golf Course Look Like? - Yahoo! Travel (6/19/11).
The American Police State is the 'New Normal' - Yahoo! News (6/26/11).
Texas tidbits:
The Cracks in Rick Perry’s Job-Growth Record - Swampland at Time (6/27/11).
Texas debt growing at faster rate than Federal government's - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (7/13/11)

Jon adds, "I would like to hear little Ricky explain this."

And from Diane of Nevada:
 Growing vegetables in your yard against the law? - Natural News Alert (6/17/11).Thanks, as always.

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