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Monday, May 30, 2011

This month's little gems from my regular contributor, Jon.

Texas' Headlines -
Texas Governor Rick Perry says he will consider running for president (5/27/11), is from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
A Texas Log Cabin for $4 Million is from Yahoo! Real Estate (4/25/11).
Guest column from the Texas Tribune: Don't mess with my district, (4/25/11).
Pier 1 and Radio Shack: Which is on better footing for the future? (4/23/11) is from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Headlines from elsewhere -
Blackbeard's anchor is recovered off the North Carolina coast (5/27/11), is from Yahoo! News.

Activist Post
: 10 Indications the United States Is a Dictatorship, (5/10/11).
War Dog - A Photo Essay by Rebecca Frankel, from Foreign Policy Magazine (5/4/11).
Officials: A popular cop in Alaska is an illegal immigrant (4/23/11) is from Yahoo! News.
Poll: Americans strongly oppose some deficit proposals (4/20/11) is from the Washington Post.
The super rich see their federal taxes drop dramatically (4/18/11), from Yahoo! News.

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