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Saturday, February 05, 2011

The magic of the world wide web makes us all neighbors

Our household was one of those millions affected by a big storm that swept across thousands of miles of the U.S. heartland.  We were "snowed in," as we termed it in Wyoming when I was growing up.  Except for half a day without heat, being marooned was uneventful.  Neither of us fell on the ice and broke a hip, the fear of all Seniors.  But a number of medical appointments had to be rearranged. We ate well and did not run out of milk.  
And we watched a (?) revolt/revolution/uprising/mass protest by our neighbors in Egypt.  The television watching was a bit dicey at times because our friends in the news media were occasionally not welcomed at the events.  We never knew from day to day whether there would be violence or not, nor did we know how many of our neighbors across the sea would die as a result of their actions.

We were there in spirit with them, however, as they asked their elderly dictator to "just leave."  Out Egyptian neighbors want the same things we do.  Enough to eat, the freedom to join social networks, permission to speak their minds, the ability to put education to work for one's family. They want to join a political party, be represented in government and to choose their own leaders.

Simple things that we demand for our neighbors here are becoming possibilities for an amazing number of our neighbors in the Middle East, in a way through the magic of the world wide web.

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