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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Congressional conservatives are, again, out of step with public opinion. Winning the House was not this mandate!

Do you remember the story about leopards and spots? It is true. Republicans in the House are showing that they are still against the poor, against women, and against the environment.

The budget cuts they are demanding are pay-back for all the campaign contributions they received to win their seats. Throw in some culture war stuff and there is little left that qualifies as middle ground for cooperation with progressive Democrats.

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public, Conservatives at Odds on Cuts

Conservatives are about to launch their full-court press on budget cuts. But their problem is, the cuts they want are the diametrical opposites of the cuts the public supports, --- and vice versa. As TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira explains in his latest 'Public Opinion Snapshot':
...Their proposed cuts leave the military largely untouched while taking a meat axe to nonmilitary discretionary spending--that is, spending on areas such as education, energy, the environment, and poverty. As usual, conservative priorities are backward when compared to public opinion.

In a fascinating new survey the Program for Public Consultation conducted, respondents were asked to make their own cuts (or increases) to a projected discretionary budget for the year 2015 with a $625 billion deficit. The top three areas for cuts were defense ($109 billion average cut), intelligence agencies ($13 billion), and Iraq/Afghanistan ($13 billion)--the very areas conservatives are going light on.
It looks like Democrats who hold the line on social spending while cutting the military budget will be on solid ground with their constituents, while conservatives who stand for the reverse will have some explaining to do.

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