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Monday, July 26, 2010

S/SW Redesigned

Blogger recently notified us about a few improvements to their blogging platform.  I tried out the new design tools and found them to be useful in upgrading my "old blog."  I started S/SW in 2005, so it was surely time to do something.  I started by getting reacquainted with my old friend, Zemanta, who provides illustrations and additional resources based on my content..

The contents remain essentially the same; the form is relatively different:  a new template, 3 columns instead of 2, rearranged elements, and altered heading colors.  I only "crashed it" a few times, by moving too fast, and I did not lose anything that was irreplacable.  I can report that the design platform is generally easy to use and stable.

[Post date: 7/26/10 ]

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Welsey said...

You asked for input on your redesign. I am unqualified to provide technical guidance but I have a couple of first impressions for you.
Your header pic is beautiful but in my opinion may be a little large. I would recomend making the pic/graphic a little smaller if you can (if it's not locked in the template) and minimizing the text in the heading so it doesn't bleed over on the right. I changed my resolution a couple of times and opened in IE and Firefox but it still was hard to read. Simplify.
Finally, those are quite a lot of blogs you follow, do you need to list them all? Do you need a link to YouTube home page etc.? Do your regular followers even know what pinging is? If they do, would they need a link to all those sites? Maybe if you change your settings to show 4 or 5 blog posts on the home page the right column won't seem to hang.

Carol Gee said...

Welsey, thanks for the very useful feedback. I have been working with this blog for so long, that it has become like an old house that needs cleaning and clearing. Thanks very much.
It will take me a few days to make the changes with which I agree, so stop back by again.