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Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on the Gulf Oil Spill

Though things are becoming far better regarding the Gulf oil gusher, There is still a long way to go.  That is because a lot of bad things have happened.  Here, hat tip to my regular contributor - Jon, is a news item roundup of a few things you might have missed:

"Rig's Final Hours Probed#," is from The Wall Street Journal (7/18/10). Summary: Spill Investigators Focus on 20 'Anomalies' Aboard Doomed Deepwater Horizon.

"BP Ran Magazine Article Extolling Relations With Libya As It Secretly Lobbied For Terrorist's Release#," is from Think Progress (7/16/10).  Jon has a question: "I wonder if 'Smoky Joe' Barton would still apologize to BP after knowing this?  If so, than he SUPPORTS TERRORISM!"

"AP IMPACT: Gulf awash in 27,000 abandoned wells#," is from Yahoo! News (7/7/10).

"Marine biologist claims US Coast Guard involved in Corexit spraying#," is from The Raw Story (7/5/10).

"Millions of birds set to fly into Gulf oil mess#," is from MSNBC (7/1/10). Summary: 'They won't be safe on their fall passage,' says Audubon official.

CBS: Jindal holds up deployment of National Guard to fight spill is from Daily Kos (6/25/10).

"Reasonably high chance BP files for bankruptcy,# is from The Atlantic. (6/22/10).

"Judge held stock in rig owner#," is from Politico (6/22/10).

"BP burning sea turtles alive#," is from The Raw Story (6/20/10).

"Republican candidate: Obama, BP ‘colluded’ to make oil spill happen#," is from The Raw Story (6/18/10).

"The Environmental Legacy of the Gulf Oil Spill#," is from Newsweek Magazine (6/17/10).

"Texas lawmaker accuses White House of BP shakedown#," is from Yahoo! News (6/16/10). Jon's comment:

Joe Barton is a jack(...). I guess he would have the impacted people to just absorb all the loss themselves. UNBELIEVABLE -- No, I forgot, just SOP for Rethugs. Scumbag Barton needs to be run out of office.

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