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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog writing in transition. . . at an intersection

My blog writing has been in transition for a few monthsbecause  I am bored with my Blogger sites.  They are not as user friendly as Posterous, but they are probably better looking,  according to Heather.  Posterous publishes to most all my websites, however,  with just a few keystrokes.  And Posterous gets a lot more traffic than my Blogger sites.  So much of my dilemma is a matter of trade-offs.

Today I am writing this post using Yahoo! mail for the first time, rather than Gmail.  Via reviews (see previous two links), and my writing experience, I am researching which platform is the most stable and user friendly for composing blog posts.  Both services provide autosave to draft, which seems essential to me.   There is nothing worse than working up a complex, lengthy or creative post -- only to lose it when my computer crashes.  This will happen on using the Posterous website for composing; there is no autosave yet.

My Yahoo! Mail Platform has become a habit
for keeping in touch electronically, perhaps it could also serve for blogging, another way to keep in touch. 
My phone service is with At&T, so I routinely write and receive Emails via Yahoo!, "the world's most visited homepage."  I have three separate "boxes," web addresses as a way of managing my communication.  There is a "public" box for the bulk of the mail, a "private" address for friends and family, and a "social" box for everything connected to social networking.

Facebook is a hybrid form that hosts both Email (messages) and blogs (updates).  Twitter is also a kind of combination.  A writer can compose a mini-post of 140 characters, as well as send "E-mail"  (what you are doing) to followers.  So, to my readers I say, have patience.  I am at the intersection of Blog Road, Email Avenue and Network Boulevard, waiting for the light to turn green again.

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