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Monday, April 12, 2010

Obama hosts meeting of leaders from 47 countries, working to stop nuclear spread. Russia and China-key players

President Barack Obama has long believed that one of the most significant national security threats is nuclear weapons and the threat of their use by terrorists. As a followup to my opinion piece on the subject yesterday, this article does well in presenting the main facts of this big story. As an added bonus, President Obama is holding one on one meetings with a significant number of the main leaders in attendance. This summit is part of a comprehensive administration strategy to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the hands of nuclear states, to lock down fissile material that could be used to build such weapons and to mobilize support for world action to stop Iran from becoming another nuclear state. The leaders of Russia and China have not yet committed to proposed further U.N. sanctions against Iran, but they are here to talk, a very big step, indeed.

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