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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Frustrations galore!


Every now and then we all need to get things off our chests.  In blogworld that sometimes means banging out a good rant.  I am moved to do that today because of some article links sent by a friend who has some of the same sensibilities as I possess.  The items follow.

Congressional corruption  gets in my craw.  This 2007 article, "Under the Influence," is a lengthy story about the passage of the Medicare Prescription Drug bill.  It was as infuriating to me as it must have been to my friend.  I had forgotten some of the details, and never knew the others, such as how many of the legislative people involved became lobbyists.

The foray into Iraq disturbed me to no end.  I  had also forgotten how ill conceived it was from the beginning, and a piece about Douglas Feith, on the Iraq war reminded me once again. The final paragraph said it all perfectly. The man is clearly incapable of acting in good faith.  As are so many others of that ilk.

Taking no responsibility for the consequences of one's actions is upsetting to no end.  Glenn Beck is so irresponsible at so many levels that it is indescribable.  Getting paid $32 million, indeed, for "not caring about politics!"  It seems to hit a new cynical high out of this political quarter. 

Attitudes that disregard the facts or the truth are very destructive to the American body politic.  Maj. Gen. Eaton's great little piece "Two-Party System at Risk," is about why the right wing crazies could be putting the two party system at risk.  It is indeed, a great read.  The author points out the error of the Righties' currently most unhelpful scatter shot criticisms of the majority party.  I believe, as well, that the climate of factual distortions and broadsides risks our national security.

Wars in the Middle east have had terrible consequences for both the Bush and Obama administrations, and terrible events continue to be revealed to this day. Contracting scandals mount up.  Corruption at high levels in Afghanistan and Iraq are very frustrating.  However the killing of civilians is almost the worst.  There is no amount of explanation that will justify the most recently reported war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The two incidents make me heartsick.

Expressing frustration is a way of letting go of tension.  I believe I definitely will feel better now.

[Post date: April 15, 2010 ]

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