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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Knoller on Obama's Ground hog's Day town hall

White House CBS Radio Correspondent, Mark Knoller, is great at tweeting on the ground.  He often travels with the President and posts to Twitter in wonderful little series like this one.  Today he reports on President Obama's trip to New Hampshire:
markknoller -- "Hello, Nashua!" shouts Pres. Obama as he begins Town Hall Meeting in gym of Nashua HS North. "It's great to be back in NH," he says. markknoller -- Obama sharing stage with some audience members and large American Flag - like the opening scene from Patton.

markknoller -- Obama says worst of the economic storm has passed. but "jobs have to be our #1 focus in 2010." markknoller -- Obama announces proposal to use $30-billion from repaid bank bailout funds to help small banks make loans to small businesses. markknoller -- Obama says the plan, combined with other steps, will help "ensure that small businesses are once again the engine of job growth in America." markknoller -- Obama slams republicans who voted against Recovery Act but show up for ribbon cuttings for Recovery Act-funded projects in their districts. markknoller -- Obama says those republicans have learned how to have their cake and vote against it too.

markknoller --  Obama again says he won't rest until businesses are hiring again, and wages are rising again, and the middle class is thriving again, markknoller -- Obama calls of GOP members of Congress to work with him to repair the economy, reform education "instead of scoring political points." markknoller -- Obama says invest in innovation: "the nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy." markknoller -- Obama vows not to give up on health care reform: calls for Dems & Repubs to work together: "Let's get it done this year," he declares. markknoller -- By saying he wants health care bill "this year," Obama giving Congress a lot more time in which to act on a bill he wanted last year. markknoller -- Obama says the size of federal deficits keep him up at night "all that red ink." markknoller -- Obama slams 7 senate republicans who at first support Debt Commission, but then voted against it on the floor.

markknoller -- Obama now doffs suit jacket and picks up hand mike to start taking questions from the audience. markknoller -- Discussing energy legislation, Obama said he knows some like Cap & Trade and that it may be separated out from the rest of the bill. markknoller -- Obama said that may be where the Senate energy bill ends up - with cap & trade separated out. markknoller -- Last Q. to Obama from student w- family in Haiti. Obama says US generosity to Haiti serves as answer to bin-Laden's call to blow up America.

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