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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NASA and Space -- a Roundup

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NASA and Space - a Roundup

Pictured: Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator
Today's post is a collection of my favorite tweets from those I follow at Twitter.

"Politifact updates two Obama space promises as "kept" and "in-the-works" - &," is from Florida Space Report (10/6/09).
NASA and Russian Space Agency Administrators Meet," is from waybis (10/5/09)."Strapped NASA might need global space partners via," is from waybis (10/3/09)."Panel’s report threatens NASA’s mission: A report suggesting NASA’s space travel goals are too ambitious is jeop..," is from The Hill (9/10/09)."The full Final Report is still being prepared and will be released when complete," is from the NASA HSF [Augustine] Committee (9/9/09)."See the NEW Hubble images online now:," is from NASA (9/9/09).
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The Augustine Report is due out at any time. I hope President Obama looks kindly on NASA and the U.S. space programs, and funds them adequately despite all the other worth competing interests.

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