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Monday, October 12, 2009 / Asia-Pacific / Pakistan - Swat blast targets Pakistan army

At least 41 people were killed in Pakistan on Monday in a suspected Taliban attack on a military convoy near the northern Swat valley.

The attack was the latest in a string of offensives that have ignited fears that the militant group is returning to an area it was ejected from by a Pakistan military campaign in the summer.


Following on the heels of a Taliban attack on Pakistan's army headquarters, it appears that the Taliban are intent on preventing the government's planned attacks in Waziristan.
These events should leave no doubt that Pakistan and Afghanistan are two elements of a regional problem. The difficulty is that the U.S. must deal with two entirely different governments, with very different vulnerabilities and characteristics.
Each new piece of news makes it all the more important to get the U.S. strategy right.

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