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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big blogs vs little blogs - reprise

[Post date of original - 4/10/05] This post was reprised in honor of the just completed Netroots Nation convention in Pittsburgh. This organization came about as a direct result of Markos Moulitsas' blogging.

Dialy Kos' founder and host Markos Moulitsas was just interviewed by Brian Lamb on C-SPAN's Q & A program. It was a great conversation that really gave a rather accurate picture of what blogging is all about, for both novices and Nerds-in-the-Know. MM was open, candid and articulate about his motivations and biases. And at one point he talked about how anyone can become a blogger, which is where yours truly comes in.

I am one of the ones who do not have web page design capacities, so it is good that I do not have ambitions to be widely read. So my blog, on its standard template, will not stand out enough to catch many, if any, readers. But what I liked about MM's comments pertaining to bloggers of my type is that it was not a put-down. I did not feel diminished by his description of this type of writing; I felt accepted as one of the many variations of the Blog phenomena.

That talent for authenticity is typical of the great bloggers and why so many of us "go by to say 'hello' " to them every day. Thanks, Kos. What I can promise here is my own authenticity as best I can manage it, derived from many years of climbing up Maslow's "hierarchy of human needs."

After this interview the Daily Kos site was flooded with new visitors, reinforcing the host's willingness to go on television . He generally tries to avoid even watching the tube, feeling it is mostly too shallow. He was also flooded with requests for help from beginner bloggies like me. He referred them to the tool I use, so the sphere will be expanding a bit, with lil' bittie blogs like mine, and some who will turn out to have a real flair for it in the coming years. Talent will out; good luck to all. Just be authentic. That's what gives the satisfaction to both the reader and the writer.

See also Behind the Links, for further info.
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