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Monday, May 18, 2009

Clinton leftovers --

Health care reform failed to get passed during President Clinton's administration. President Nixon also tried to reform the health care system. But here it 2009 and it looks like there is a chance to do something about the 40+ million people who lack health insurance. People in Washington have actually tackled the issue. I imagine even Hillary Clinton is optimistic and supportive of success. President Obama is working hard to sway moderate Republicans, inviting them to a White House meeting last week, Politico reports today.

However, "Swift Boat" ads have already been launched to defeat President Obama's reform of the current health care system. The Democratic Strategist's J.P. Green wrote a good piece containing several effective arguments for countering the distortions in the ads. According to CQ Politics, message guru Frank Luntz says the GOP needs to "get away from markets and foscus on patients," with the goal of killing Democrats' reform plans. But I believe the train has already left the station in the direction of progress.

Despite the "watershed event" of companies offering $2 trillion in health care savings over 10 years, some reformers worry that it might allow "companies to stay at the table long enough to kill a government-run health insurance program," according to Politico. The health insurance company lobby, in what CQPolitics calls "a strategic retreat," is pushing for more comprehensive federal regulation of health insurance, hoping to avoid any proposal with a government public plan.

Real progress would include a "public" aspect to the plan, in my opinion. But we are not there yet. But bit by bit the President is trying to make it all happen. For example, his nominee to head the Center for Disease Control leads the New York City Health Department, Dr. Thomas Frieden, an activist who is willing to tackle even the toughest issues. We are in good hands.

[Post date - May 18, 09]

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