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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bush leftovers

Former President George W. Bush has been out of office for almost four months. Blessedly, the man has been quiet since he moved to Dallas. We see him occasionally on the local TV, or read a little something in the paper, but he seems to be truly retired. That left a vacuum of leadership in the Republican party that has been devasting to it members and devotees and a delight to Democrats. A number of people are not shy about offering their opinions and being in the news.

One of them is Karl Rove, who was set for an interview Friday with a special prosecutor investigating the firing of 9 U.S. attorneys from the Bush administration in 2007. Rove is said to be willing to cooperate. The House Judiciary Committee is conducting a similar investigation. Rove and Harriet Miers are expected to testify in coming weeks, according to Politico. If the Bush administration brought the Justice Department to its knees, it also actively sabotaged the environmental movement in favor of the energy sector. And the Democrats came into leadership not a moment too soon, given global warming and energy dependence on foreign oil.

With the impending congressional work on climate change legislation, opposing forces are lining up on both sides. A number of the Bush administration's people associated with the environment will now be paid to work actively against Congress' efforts to pass meaningful laws to regulate carbon emissions, etc. A few have now gone to work for environmental organizations, reports Politico, who also believes that it is unclear how much influence the "Bush Enviros" will have with Democrats writing the bills.

These days I am more and more sure it is past time to get into the refrigerator and clean out the leftovers. There seems to be much enthusiasm within the most conservative base for doing the same thing. Colin Powell was redefined as a Democrat by Dick Cheney. Cheney is so leftover that he is really beginning to smell. Rove has passed his prime. Tom Delay was discarded none too soon. But there is still much to do.

Reference: "What is 'Right-Wing Extremism?" by James Vega of The Democratic Strategist (PDF). May 2009.

[Post date - May 18, 2009]

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