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Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye, Veep Cheney

This is the last post about Vice-President Dick Cheney -- who is from my home state of Wyoming. With this we get to say, "Goodbye to all that." Good-bye to the failures, the scandal, the trials. Unless Congress and the Executive do their jobs. I am not holding my breath. No one who could actually make it happen seems to have any stomach for the work of investigating and prosecuting. If it ever happens it will be because of the efforts of activists, "Grassroots for Obama," the blogosphere, and organizations. We must establish an environment that will give decision makers the support they need to avoid sweeping it all under the rug. These are stories from the past that offer impetus for such an extended effort:
What some of my friends have to say --
  • Think Progress: "Cheney: It's Just An 'Urban Legend' That I 'Exceeded My Authority' As Vice President#" (1/7/09). Comments: 1) From betmo (1/7/09): Who's he trying to fool*? 2) From Dave (1/7/09): Hard to imagine there are still millions of kool-aid drinkers out there lapping up the lies...But they ARE there, and they are not going away, and they are not going to shut up. 3) From Dusty (1/7/09): Good one Dave, I concur.
  • And so we will never shut up either.

Amazingly! -- AfterDowningStreet: "Cheney hints at pardon for President Bush*" (1/14/09). To quote:

Dick Cheney seemingly is one of those that wants to move on as he unexpectedly raised, and drew parallels with, President Ford's pardon of former President Nixon this week, hinting that similar treatment should be afforded President Bush.

On Monday the vice president was asked about some of the issues that have given rise to some of the major concerns, on Sean Hannity's Radio program.

. . . [Cheney], "And at the time a lot of people were outraged about that decision," said Cheney. "But, in fact, thirty years later we look back on it, and nearly everybody has come around to the point of view that it was exactly the right thing to do. It was a courageous thing to do, because he knew it might well cost him the next election in '76, but he went ahead and did it anyway because he thought it was right for the country."

"And I think there are parallels there in terms of George Bush," said the vice president.

Did you know this? The Washington Note: "Cheney Reads 'Angler' " (1/10/09). To quote:
This just in from a TWN regular reader who had a White House tour:

Steve, you'll love this. Just took a tour of the West Wing. One of the pictures outside the Situation Room (apparently they change them frequently) is of Cheney with "Angler" open on his desk.
Betmo's closing links -- Cheney Lies About Conservation*" (10/4/08):

In conclusion -- I say, Good-bye, Happy hunting, Good riddance, Get well soon, Hope you enjoy retirement, Thanks for nothing.

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betmo said...

you are so much more generous than i when it comes to cheney. :) apropos that the word verification is 'devil'

Carol Gee said...

I guess, betmo, that the only explanation must be that we sprang from the same soil of Wyoming. I have to live with the fact that at home or traveling I will have a Bush or a Cheney as a neighbor. My tolerance will be tested, as they both fade into obscurity.
Just think, I still have my same job here, and they got fired.
Thanks, my dear contributor.