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Monday, April 30, 2007

Travel takes patience

To see ahead is not easy. I am sitting at a library computer, when I would like to be sitting at my own Dell notebook in a "hot spot" across the room. If I had only done some stuff before I left my familiar digs, I would not be having all this travel frustration.
The road ahead for me seems to be paved with obscurities, because I was doing magical thinking: I thought you could buy a wireless card, plug it in, find a hotspot and blog away. Little did I know that it is not nearly as simple as that.
Wireless World is just up there around the corner. I have an 800 number and a cell phone! Do you suppose they can guide me through this fog? Because I do not even know how to ask the questions. It seems I have not been able to see past the end of my nose this trip.
Thank goodness for a generous public library system that takes pity on a wretch like me, lost once again in a fog of elder ignorance. Later, folks!
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