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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An exercise with a predictable outcome, for a while

Congress has its job to do as does our current president(OCP). Leaders will spend this week completing work on the Iraq war spending bill, which (OCP) has vowed to veto. It is regrettable that this process must play out this way. We know it will be a cycle, but we do not know how the cycle will end.

Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be in pivotal roles in this week, according to
Reid has emerged in recent weeks as President Bush's chief congressional agitator on Iraq, sometimes discomforting his own party in the same way that . . . liberal senators unnerved him last June.
Senator Reid is from a western state, Nevada, similar to the state in which I am currently visiting. Westerners can be a bit independent by nature, and it may be that Senator Reid is now exercising that independence. What has yet to emerge is what happens when independence meets stubbornness (a predominant trait of OCP).
If Congress were sufficiently independent they would continue to send money with strings to the troops in Iraq. If OCP were less stubborn he would accept the inevitable course of history in Iraq, say he had no choice if the troops were to get what they need, and be a statesman.
Who expects that to happen? Probably not one in a hundred wishful souls like me. So the exercise will come to its logical predictable conclusion, and the next President can have it, as OCP has promised.
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