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Monday, April 24, 2006

Funny things happened on the way to recovery

To my faithful and new readers,
Just as I was about to get back in the saddle, as promised, the other part of this blogging equation is having some problems, too. So I will make this short and sweet until after the maintenance period is over, probably tomorrow.
I am feeling some better, a bit more like my old self, though I am making lots of typos. It does not take long for writing skills to get rusty, huh? I miss writing and expressing myself, along with reading others' expressions.
Part of not feeling well for me also included not watching any news nor reading the hard news section of the paper. Discussions of the latest news were also banned in my house, resulting in the world getting along quite nicely without my active participation for a little while. That is good info for regaining one's perspective of the actuality of not being the center of the universe.
However I am aware that faithful readers are indeed that, faithful and concerned. That is particularly gratifying and does my old heart good. Thanks. See y'all tomorrow.


Mister said...

Any time you take off to recharge your batteries is time well spent. My favorite blog these days, Occam's Razor, only posts about 10-12 times a month. That's a healthy rate because I don't read blogs to follow a publication of record. I read the blogs that show a slice of a mind that knows how to organize fresh thoughts and surprising observations.

Carol, you are the queen of sythesis. You put things together, you put thinks together, in ways that make me see my world a little fresher. That's why I keep coming back. I hope your recovery time was optimal. If it wasn't, well, scar tissue is intriguing too.


Carol Gee said...

Your kind and thoughtful comments always help me understand "what the real deal" is, Bucky.
No scars, by the way, just lint in my own navel. And that is a perfectly natural marking, I've heard.

Kitchen Window Woman said...

I hope that you are feeling better. I have taken several such breaks when I was ill or just plain exhausted from the daily everything. When I am sick or tired I can't read or process information like what's on the news. Everything seems to shut down but that seems to be necessary for recharging one's batteries. I just kind of follow my old hippie ways and go-with-the-flow.

Carol Gee said...

kitchen window woman, Good advice. Part of me is an old hippie at heart; I was just born in the wrong decade, BTW. (I came of age in 1955). I watched the sixties as I watched TV, the kids and ironed.