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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dogs that teach

Unconditional . . .
love is the kind you get from a pet when you are not feeling well. They like you as much in your pajamas - unkempt and droopy - as in your finest going-out clothes. Better, in fact, because they have to spend the time alone, if you go out.

What would we do without our pets?
I often used to think that "those pet nuts" could adopt a child in a far-away country for what they spend on their pets. Until we got our current companion, a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Now I am one of those "pet nuts."

Have you noticed how many . . .
of your favorite's sites sometimes include a picture of their pet? Our pups do not seem to be immune to invasions of their privacy, some would say. To me, however, we honor them with inclusion. Here are a couple more I've come to know from the blogosphere: Oakley (Steve Clemons pet) and Lorianne DiSabato's Reggie (who has his very own bio).

Southwest Corgi, as I will call her for this post's purposes, makes few requests that are unreasonable. She loves us without any conditions, accepts our fallibility, and knows us all too well. We have been very trainable. All she asks is that we be consistent, not an unreasonable demand. And she still accepts us us if we are inconsistent.

So many of the demands we make . . .
on our political leaders are conditional. We ask that our Democratic Party leaders behave in ways that not attainable by mere mortals, or we won't let up with our criticism. And we offer no conditions that the leaders in the opposition Republican party could meet to get our approval. And when I say "we," I absolutely include myself. Such demandingness comes at a high cost to my spirit, my peace of mind, my grounding.

And so I go and brush my dog, or rub her tummy (she's often an upside-down dog), or her nose and ears. She's a registered Independent, by the way.

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