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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Learning Curve

In years past I learned more rapidly than I do now. Since I'm of retirement age, I can learn as well as in the past, but not as fast. I want to learn to do everything I need to keep up with the technology available to me. And I shall do it, because I know what I don't know.
The hardest things to learn are those subtle rules about belonging/participating in this community. I learn by doing, through feedback or the lack of feedback. But it is like other communities or groups, it has norms of behavior that are learned by trial and error. It is a real lesson in boundaries for me, and it is a fascinating adventure at this stage of my life.
As an example, I get frustrated when things don't go well for me as I try to post a comment, as I recently attempted on Steve Clemons' . So it must be that what I had to say wasn't really that scintillating. S'pose? But I did want him to know that I was among many who wanted to give him credit for a great job with his opposition to the John Bolton nomination to the United Nations ambassador post.
So I posted my comments on my other blog at

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