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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Does a Wild Bear Live in the Woods?

Is the Pope political? Even if he and those around him demure, of course he is. it is like asking whether his favorite color really is white. His election was, I believe, very political for these reasons:
  • Cardinal Ratzinger had a platform - "I Won't Change a Thing"
  • He got out front early by getting good visibility/media coverage
  • He is Conservative, which is really "in" at this time in history
  • He had a voting record upon which he could run, his famous "paper trail" of Vatican positions, written at the behest of his now deceased boss
  • He is from Old Europe's Germany, though not really. It is more like Austria, which must be ok.
  • He represents the Politics of Patriarchy, another "in thing" these days
  • The Religious Right coalition now seems to have become world wide through the joining of our own political Religious Right Wingers and the Roman Catholic Right Wing. This combination numbers well over half of the world's total religious population
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