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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 is still young and full of possibilities for Republicans.

      Reflections on defeated Republicans, who still live "back in the day."  
If they are to survive as a part of our two party system, they must become viable again.  They must recall again what governance is about.
We already see signs of hope.  We can observe the loyal opposition occasionally returning to rational leadership behavior:
  • They have been able to swallow RAISING TAXES! - God forbid. . .  
  • They have begun the process of behaving more like adults regarding RAISING THE DEBT CEILING. 
  • The next big thing is to see whether they lose the Senate FILIBUSTER FIGHT.  The upcoming couple of days appear to be pivotal.  
Each time they survive a defeat at the hands of Democrats -- and don't die of humiliation in the process -- the party's  chances to get healthier get better.  
Contrast Republican reactions you've seen since the election, with watching DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (on C-SPAN yesterday) lead the Democratic Party's Winter Meeting with adeptness, charm and enthusiasm.  Perhaps being a breast cancer survivor helps her keep a rational perspective on the principles of governance that remain important.

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