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Monday, May 21, 2012

South by Southwest gets a new look.

This Blogger website has been redesigned.  

 If things look unfamiliar, it is because they are new ideas from my desktop.  I have been posting at South by Southwest for several years and got bored with the "old" look of it.  The new look has an even older image, but it is a better fit with my blog's goals.

South by Southwest began 0n March 29, 2005.  Over the years I published 1656 posts with 21,077 page views.  Some of the blog posts were great, some were adequate, and some were lazy "throw-aways."

Always interested in the design, as well as the content, I have played with the look of my blog.  Previous versions are somehow lost in the fog of time, and it is probably just as well.

Because I blog less frequently now, I have a few regular subscribers.  But no one leaves comments any more.  Life has changed for all of us who are now more drawn to the social media.

Over half of my readers (57%) used Internet Explorer, most of the rest favored Firefox (30%), and the rest used Chrome, Safari, etc.  Windows is by far the most popular OS at 94%.  The rest are Mac users (2%0, Linux (1%) and iPhone (<1%).  My readers come from all over the world.  They hail from (in order of frequency): United States, France, Germany, Indonesia, Russia, the UK, Israel, (and tied) So. Korea, Sweden and the Netherlands.  I am included in regular "Googlebot" visitors, and on rare occasions I showed up on page one of a Google search.

So, thanks for coming by.  I'll see you again, I hope.


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