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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things may be OK again at the ISS.

When there was a failure to successfully launch a Russian Progress vehicle recently, there was a very real possibility that the International Space Station could go to unmanned status.  The reason for the failure had to be nailed down and fixed before we could send any more astronauts or cosmonauts into orbit in a Soyus capsule.  There would have to be another Progress sent to the ISS, a successful rocket launch.  And the current three member crew would have to eventually come home after reaching the limits of how long they could stay in space.
The reason for the 3rd state failure was rather quickly determined, however,  and November 14, 2011 set as the next target date for a Soyuz launch.  It is only a couple more weeks when we think things on the ISS will begin to get back to normal.
We will all breathe a sigh of relief when that happens.  And we will feel even more relieved when we again have a U.S. capability to send crew members into low earth orbit.  It cannot happen soon enough for me.

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