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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Are you active or are you passive?

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 Surfing around the World Wide Web - Today I discovered a number of interesting sites that are part of the activist movements now getting coverage in the national news.  Here are a few links to the online efforts, movements and organizations about which you may have heard:
  •  Occupy Wall Street - Since the middle of September demonstrators, growing into the thousands, have been staging a protest on Wall Street in New York City.
  1.   Occupy Together - Includes a list of all the other "Occupy" movements beyond Wall Street.
  2. The NYC General Assembly at #Occupy Wall Street: Needs of the Occupiers are spelled out in this interesting post.
  3. AnonOps Communications -  Includes a good Michael Moore video from the Wall Street protest.
  • Get Money Out - learn about an idea for cleaning up corporate influence in Washington and sign the petition.  Almost 125,000 have so far signed.
  1. Dylan Ratigan organized a petition drive that could free America from the influence of unlimited campaign contributions via a Constitutional amendment.
  2. Ratigan explains at Huffington Post.
  • Rebuild the Dream - A large number of Progressive organizations joined together this summer to fight to restore the American dream for the 99% of us who are not rich.
  1. Founder Van Jones organized this week's Take back the American Dream Conference.
  2. About the Partners in the American Dream Movement - participating organizations listed at the bottom. 
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