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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Off one's chest. . .

Sometimes nothing will do but saying it with a phrase that signifies "having a belly-full," "letting it all out," or "letting someone have it."  For many of us it has been this way since the results of the November 2 elections became clear.  In reading my latest accumulated feed items from Daily Kos, I realized there is much politically with which to feel frustration.  For example, when it seems so obvious that the Bush tax cuts have run out, I have had a belly full with:
So I got this issue off my chest today, but there is something just as corrosive about the latest airport security moves by the TSA.  I am glad I am not flying these days because I feel sure I would be tempted to let someone have it by speaking out in line as I try to get on my plane.  And I would never be allowed to board.  But this discusstio will have to wait for another blog post.  Fair warning.

-- post date: 11/20/10

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