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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tweet writers shine again.

"Feeling grateful that high school Student Council prepared me to be governed by overambitious weirdos." (9/18/10) By PourMeCoffee


John Dickerson wrote this,"Sometimes the theories to explain Obama start to sound like refrigerator magnet poetry." (Sept. 18th).


Joseph Cirincione reports: "Just got off a call with 40+ NGOs, all working very hard to ensure a strong, bipartisan vote for New START this week." (Sept. 14th)


"And Obama offered up his familiar Slurpee riff: Dems digging economy out of a ditch while Republicans watch, just "sipping a Slurpee," was written by my favorite White House reporter, Mark Knoller on Sept. 18th.


ProPublica tweeted on Sept. 18th, "Watchdogs: Gov’t Spent $196 Keeping Secrets For Every $1 Spent Declassifying Documents,"


Katrina [vanden Heuvel], Editor of Nation Magazine says, "Happiness= having purposeful life & meaningful work," July 8th.


John Dickerson, again (May 25th): "With this oil leak, the entire country is on the line and BP is tech help."

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