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Friday, June 18, 2010

A guy spouts off; another responds. . . vigorously

From "Seven of Eight," my roommate, significant other, dear husband, fellow Dem:

The airwaves and talk shows are filled this morning with Rep. Joe Barton's comments at Thursday's BP congressional hearing.  His apology to BP for the "shakedown" at the White House brought immediate response.  Republican leadership, it would seem, was shocked that Rep. Barton was dumb enough to express his true feelings on live television.  By afternoon the "all hat and no cowboy" was back on TV explaining that he was sorry his comments were misconstrued/misconstruction.  It would have been virtually impossible for anyone who understands the English language to misconstrue what he said.

This is not going away quickly.  It's like when a pet has an encounter with a skunk and gets sprayed.  You start by giving it a bath in tomato juice.  Republican leaders will need lots of tomato juice, and the smell may may still linger on.

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