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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Little gems from some of my favorite tweeters -

Many of us love Twitter.  We have all those we follow and we have our favorites, too.  I've collected some to share:

Jane Hamsher - Exxon generates $10.3 billion in pretax income, owes no taxes & gets tax benefit of $1.1 billion, posted on 4/6/10.

John Dickerson - When a method for passing legislation sounds like the funds transfer process outlined in an email by a Nigerian banker, that's tricky, posted on 3/16/10.  Also, Palin referred to a list on her palm during an interview. Big deal. Helps explain why she said "The country needs butter, eggs, milk & o.j.," posted on 2/8/10.

Chris Hayes -
Operating on the theory that if I ingest enough calories it will stop snowing. We'll see!, posted on 2/10/10. Also, I've been remiss in updating my archives, but thanks to @northlauren, everything I've written can now be found here:, posted on 1/21/10.

Catherine Fintor - A computer is almost human - except that it does not blame its mistakes on another computer, posted on 1/19/10.

Ezra Klein - I've routinely found that the worst analytical mistake you can make in DC is assuming people have some sort of plan., posted on 1/12/10.

Richard Engle -
"on embed.. in remote frontline afghanistan.. few roads.. but internet seems to work.. very odd feeling," posted on 2/2/10.  Also, "un-stuck off base.. its good.. funny.. was on the road yesterday dexter describes in nytimes today..," posted on 2/8/10.

Check out Twitter for yourself here.

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