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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti's earthquake: In depth news, commentary and analysis from the Financial Times

UN appeals for $560m in Haiti aid

The United Nations is making an appeal for $562m to alleviate the catastrophe wreaked by the earthquake that struck Haiti - Jan 16 2010

Struggle to keep Haiti survivors alive

‘Minimal’ conditions at the UN makeshift hospital to treat survivors of Tuesday’s earthquake are indicative of the desperate struggle to help the millions of affected people against mounting chaos - Jan 15 2010

Editorial Comment: Tropical nightmare

Haiti needs to focus on state and capacity-building, in everything from justice to education. This requires external help to guarantee security and the rule of law - Jan 15 2010

Agencies struggle to secure transport link

A secure overland route into Haiti was last night emerging as a key priority after the destruction of the capital’s port and the seizing-up of its airport made direct transport into the country all but impossible - Jan 15 2010

Frustration over Haiti aid bottlenecks

Survivors of Haiti’s massive earthquake became increasingly angry after spending a third night in the open with little sign of aid being distributed beyond the congested international airport - Jan 15 2010

Rightwingers fail to dent US donations

Private US aid groups said that donations for disaster relief in Haiti could break all records in spite – or perhaps partly because – of a series of discouraging comments by rightwing figures. - Jan 15 2010

Rush of corporate aid to Haiti

Some of the world’s largest companies have pledged millions of dollars of cash and food supplies towards the Haiti relief effort as international aid agencies scramble to cope with the mounting humanitarian crisis - Jan 15 2010


It will soon be a week since the earthquake devastated the tiny nation of Haiti. The death toll could hit six figures. And it has been a horrific tragedy.
The depth of devastation is clear to our senses. We see and hear what has happened to the people and the buildings. Our other senses (taste, smell and touch) are mercifully spared the details of Haitian suffering via TV. But the surviving people of Haiti, and all those who have come to help or stayed to help, have not been spared. All that awareness of trauma will remain with them for a long long time.
They will need compassionate understanding from we who observe from afar. And they will need our help. Give if you can. Pray if you are inclined. Be tolerant if possible of those who do not get the rescue right. All of us are but fallible and fragile human beings, all in this little life boat together.

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