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Friday, January 22, 2010

Exploring the possibilities of Google Sidewiki

This is one of several different Yahoo! mailbox addresses. The MSNBC headline that caught my eye was about President Obama's proposed new banking rules, favored by Paul Volker. When Tim Geithner was on TV yesterday, he was explaining the new rules, and gave no hint that he was not entirely behind the President. Next step: Congress.
in reference to:
"Obama bank plan shifts power from Geithner - 1 hour ago Barak Obama's plan to impose sharper checks on the financial industry was the president's most visible break from the philosophy endorsed by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner."
- ATT.NET - Email, News, Sports, Entertainment and Games (view on Google Sidewiki)


Leonard said...

Sidewiki is only the beginning. More dangerous tools are out there, on the horizon. Check this out: (2.5 min video). Its a browser add-on ( that lets users insert images, comments, links, directly IN THE MIDDLE of any page.

Carol Gee said...

Leonard, I am very grateful for this warning. What you describe is very scary, and I will be on the lookout. I always had reservations about Sidewiki, as well. Thanks.