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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The next decade - a post about possibilities

The year 2010 is almost here.  I began to think about it a few days ago, posting my thoughts to Facebook:
The upcoming New Year feels like it holds big change. Perhaps it is because I am tuned in to decadal markers. And perhaps it is because it is the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. Change is only that in itself, neither + nor -. My wish for you is that your changes are +++. May you and those you love have a great 2010!
We are alike in this.  I have also realized that we are all tuned in to these markers of time.  Else, why would we all read and look and listen to all thearticles, posts, et., that begin with "The best of . . . ," or "The Worst of . . . "  We eagerly study the photography documenting what happened in the last decade.  We remember those whom we have lost.
By looking backward we gain perspective for moving forward.  We can decide to change some things, or focus more on the things on which we have been missing out.  That is what New Year's resolutions are about.  Only the most obsessive among us manage to keep our resolutions, but that is OK, too.
We can always give ourselves permission to start over, to make a new beginning, to move to a new day . . . year, or decade.  For that we have such things as calendars, sunsets, sunrises, and 12 strikes on the clock.  Whatever you decide to do, I hope that your fresh starts bring rewards, success and happiness in the upcoming years.

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