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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Violent overtones disturb the peace.

Yesterday a memorial service honored 13 dead at the hands of a shooter at Fort Hood, Texas.  There were shootings at a shopping center the same day and the Washington D.C. sniper was executed.  And today Rush Limbaugh is allowed to say the most horrific and hateful things imaginable about our young president. 
Many of us have our peace deeply disturbed; we do not understand what has happened to the stability of our nation.  This kind of news repeats itself too often these days, and I worry that we will get used to it and just turn the television off permanently or numb out to the news.  Free speech is exacting a very heavy price these days.  Just where is the line of insighting to violence?  Where is the line with hate speech?
I am taken back to the sixties and I do not like these feelings of anxiety raised by the past few days and weeks.  People must come to their senses and step back from this abyss.

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