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Sunday, October 25, 2009

These news items are interesting because:

Good advocacy deserves recognition. The Internet provides a great deal of the most effective advocacy to be found on the news scene:
  1. "GetFISARight RT @jamesmcookusa: Don't Just Tweet, Act! Write a Letter to the Editor on FISA and the Patriot Act #patriotact," (10/25/09). This civil liberties group gives useful information about the struggle to rewrite the flawed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as well as sunset some of the provisions of the Patriot Act.
  2. "JoeTrippi Decentralized organizing: inspires 4,300+ events globally, uses social media to collect & publicize content #350," (10/25/09). Trippi is the consummate advocate, and this item is such an interesting concept.

Sharp political analysis assists my understanding of the "loyal opposition": "South Carolina is central front in battle for GOP's soul," is from McClatchy News (10/25/09). I say "loyal opposition" with irony because that is not the way very many Republicans practice their politics. We on the other side are very challenged to understand some of their crazy behaviors.

Keeping up with the latest trends on health care reform is of vital importance: "Dem leaders 'leaning strongly' toward opt-out for public healthcare plan: Democratic senators continued to remain bul...," is from The Hill (10/25/09). The speculation about what Congress will do in this long and elaborate process will affect every American.

News of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan, and related issues, comes in every day --

  1. Karen Tumulty posted this jarring item: "RT @latimesdixon Horrific. 132+ dead in Baghdad." (10/25/09). I love Karen's heart.
  2. libbyspencer "Hey Dick Cheney: Dither this you mendacious bastard. RT @SteveHynd BBC - In pictures: Baghdad blasts #p2" (10/25/09). I love Libby's fierceness.
  3. chrislhayes "I'd be more interested in what Dick Cheney had to say if he was saying in the context of mounting a defense at a war crimes trial. (10/25/09)." I love Chris' sharp intellect.
  4. glenngreenwald "Those crazy Afghans think we should give people a "trial" before we put them on our "hit list" - they're so primitive:," (10/24/09). I love Glenn's unblinking honesty in calling people out.

Ansel Adams at Big Sur, 1980.Image via Wikipedia

Precious items found and saved. I wanted to end this post with a positive item and here it is : "Fresno, Calif. man may own Ansel Adams negatives," is from McClatchy (10/16/09). As an amateur photographer, I came to know the quality of Adams' work as I studied darkroom processing in black and white. The negs authenticity has not been definitively established yet, however. But it sounds promising.

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