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Sunday, October 18, 2009

International Photography Contest 2009 - National Geographic Magazine

Enter Your Photos to Win

Every year, National Geographic's International Photography Contest draws thousands of spectacular photos from users around the world. This year could be your year—send in your photos for a chance to win a digital camera kit and have your image published in the magazine. Winners will be entered into the Worldwide International Photography Contest.

You can submit up to six photos in three categories—People, Places, and Nature—between now and October 31, 2009. Winners will be announced in early December. There is an entry fee of U.S. $12 for each photo. All entries received after October 15 will be subject to an additional fee of U.S. $10.

Think you have a winning shot? Show us!

Click the link to go to the NatGeo website and submit your photos. Go there anyway, even if not entering the contest, because there are some spectacular photos to see.
For decades we have been big fans of the lovely photography in the National Geographic Magazine. I call it "eye candy."

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