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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Twitter news narrative brings light moments, along with the tough stuff.

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The World gets together yet remains far apart -- Steve Clemons "Is at the United Nations watching the sun rise over the East River. Excited to see Obama Security Council session this morning," via Twitter.  "Obama repeatedly mentioned Pakistan's stability when asked about US interests in the region. Which means: India is the fulcrum," according to Marc Ambinder's tweet. PourMeCoffee tweets, "I recognize the UN General Assembly chairs from the Brady Bunch kitchen. Nice."

It's a secret --
The Washington Independent wrote Wednesday that, "State secrets critics slam new Obama policy."  John Dickerson reports, "Reading Light in the Attic with kids: when they laugh it's not just that they think something is funny; they think they've found a secret."

Health Care Reform's a hot item -- Read the Baucus health care bill, thanks to Open Congress.  Headlines from The Huffington Post: 1) "Dems ramp up push to block filibuster;" and 2) Christopher Hayes links, "Must read of the day: David Cay Johnston on the GOP's support for the Public Option...for property," The Hill reported on Sunday that "Amid health reform, Medicare agency is still headless: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will.. "mark its third anniversary next month since the massive agency had a Senate-confirmed leader," according to The Huffington Post.  A tweet from Karen Tumulty put it plainly: "My spy in Finance Cmte hearing room tells me Ensign's suit doesn't look bad in person, but on C-SPAN, he looks like a riverboat gambler."

Follow the money -- "Senator Dodd backs the banking super regulator," according to NPR via StumbleUpon.  And Chris Hayes has it figured out, when it comes to the White House plan for financial reform: "Sometimes I think it'd be more transparent to just give major banks permnt seats on the relevant legislative committees."

Has anything changed?  The New York Times is reporting that " Obama [has decided] to use current law to support detentions."  Glenn Greenwald summed it all up last week with this brilliant tweet: "In the Democratic Congress, MoveOn was condemned, ACORN defunded, telecoms immunized, Bush eavesdropping approved, Wall St. bailed out."

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