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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Speaking of Twitter: a round-up

Tweets from my current collection of favorites:

ReTweeted by several people whom I follow -- This is a wonderfully fine piece written by Rececca Solnit.

"How 9/11 Should Be Remembered," is from the Utne Reader (9/11/09).


Obama speeches -- Last week was a very big one for President Obama at the podium. He spoke to school children at the beginning of their year and he spoke to a joint session of Congress. And on 9/11/09 he and the First Lady helped paint a Habitat house.

"Presidential Speech Week Self-Control Report Card. Nation's Schoolchildren: A. Joe Wilson: F.," is by pourmecoffee (9/10/09).

"Read Obama’s closing remarks, full transcript, the letter from Ted, and the plan he laid out - plus photos," is from The White House (9/9/09).

"The sleeper agents brainwashed by George W. Bush's speech to students in 1991 should be coming out in force any minute now," is by reporter John Dickerson (9/7/09).


Healthcare, this and that -- These days it is all about healthcare. Here are a couple of great little pieces of writing.

"RT @chrislhayes: RT @Atrios early stages of potential flu epidemic prbly excllnt time to make sre illegal immigrants dn't hve #healthcare," is from The Nation (9/10/09).

"Annoying: Lunatic shouters get a seat at the table on #hcr but single payer advocates are treated like lunatics and denied one," is by libbyspencer (9/90/9).


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