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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Taking a higher road

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It is a relief to have a U.S. president who is proving to be up to his job as chief foreign policy specialist, able diplomat, competent communicator and all-round "debonair dude." President Obama has been very impressive on his trip to Russia. Properly respectful to the two co-leaders and to their national soveignty, he walked a very fine line with what looked like effortless steps.

Tackling nuclear disarmament in earnest must have felt good to him, given his long Senate history of interest and legislation on the subject. And he will manage to make progress even with the constraints of a mandatory nuclear posture study due in a few months. He, of course, will manage to make both deadlines. It was good to see National Security Jim Jones as part of the team, steady and probably as smart as his boss.

The agreement to transport men and materials through Russia to Afghanistan is a very good deal, and we can assume that Russia will volunteer other help over time. It will be ironic of course, but they might be able to help us avoid some of their mistakes in Afghanistan. It could be a fantasy, but certainly they could provide police and military trainers. Russians must have an interest in diminishing the drug trade heading straight for their country. And it might make them look good to NATO. But Obama is not above trying a new way. Afghanistan jus cannot be our problem alone to solve, and President Obama, if anyone, might be able to engage more allied help.

In conclusion, it was wonderful to see the Obama family make the trip to Russia. It sent a message of trust, of warmth, and of valuing the Russian experience that will not be lost on them. So soon it is on to Italy and then to Ghana. What a set of contrasts! What possibilities!

[Post date - July 7, 2009]

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